30th November - 1st December 2021, NEC Birmingham

Dr Alex Chard - YCTCS Ltd

We are a long established consultancy and research practice. We provide services to Youth Offending Teams, Children’s Services, Safeguarding Partners and YOT Boards, including:

  • Strategic Service Development, service reviews and mergers, leadership development and pre and post inspection support;
  • Publishing and Authoring, procedures for YOTs and Liaison and Diversion Services, protocols and service level agreements;
  • Creating Safer Services, through case reviews and frameworks and processes for case auditing and research.

ALTAR is a systemic framework we developed that considers abuse, loss, trauma and attachment affecting children. On behalf of a regional authority and a police and crime commissioner we have recently completed a nationally significant research project into eighty children in the justice system.

(ALTAR is a trademark of YCTCS Ltd).